Consistently warmer temperatures are taking over from the rollercoaster, warm, cold, hot weather we have had this spring. Lawns are growing, and now is a good time to fertilize if it has been more than 3 months since the last time. Use a good organic fertilizer, and remember you do not have to water it in right away if time does not permit.  If you have flower pots and hanging baskets, keep some of the fertilizer back and use it as a liquid to water them.  About every 2 weeks put about a cup of fertilizer in a 2 gallon water can and let it sit a few minutes to start dissolving, then water.  You should be able to do this a couple more times before the fertilizer is used.  

We are still in Stage 2 water restrictions, which limit the use of any type of sprinkler to one day per week based on the last number of your home address.  The schedule is therefore 0 and 1 on Monday, 2 and 3 on Tuesday, and so on through Friday.  Watering should be done between 7 and 11 a.m., or 7 and 11 p.m.   Hand watering can be done any day, anytime.  

San Antonio is way behind in annual rainfall.  Luckily King William seems to have gotten a little more just at the right time since the first of the year.  On the early morning of May 13, I had 4 inches of rain in my gauge, and some parts of the neighborhood had a little more.  Conserve water whenever possible.  Consider changing out plants requiring more water with drought tolerant plants.  A free list is in the cabinet on the front porch of the King William Association office.

Xeric gardens are a good replacement for at least some lawn areas to reduce water use.  Here are 2 recently installed examples you can use as guides.  One is the front garden at 521 Wickes and the other is at the entrance to Beethoven Home at 422 Pereida.  Each is slightly different in the type of plants used.  
Crepe myrtles are coming into bloom.  Natchez are large with white blooms and Basham’s Party Pink has lavender pink flowers and is also large.  Both are good choices for summer color over a period of weeks and for shade in small city lots.  A free list of different types based on various characteristics is also at the King William porch.  

Garden Note:  The greatest gift of a garden is the restoration of the five senses.