The second week of March is almost here, and that is the time when frost is usually behind us here in South Texas, based on past years. But there are those who go by other indicators. Some believe frost is possible until Easter is past. This year that is April 5. Still others say we can have frost until mesquite trees leaf out, whenever that is. Watch and note which is correct and plant tender plants accordingly. Anything is possible, as those who grow vegetables believe veggies should be planted based on the phase of the moon. Fact, fiction, ol’ wives tales, whatever – it’s all interesting.

You can still feed lawns and flower beds with a good organic fertilizer. Apply it about every three to four months throughout the year. Maintain mulch levels in flower beds at about three inches deep to keep roots cool and maintain soil moisture levels.

Spring will literally be busting out anytime now as the weather becomes consistently warmer. Take walks to enjoy spring flowers. See something you like, ask the person who grew it to find what it is. It’s a good way to meet neighbors. Try to see one of the most spectacular sites in King William. It is the Mexican Plum tree at the back gate of the Steves Homestead at 509 King William St. It will be blooming soon, and once it starts it will be covered with hundreds of white flowers for two to three weeks. Mexican Plum is easy to grow and is a good understory tree for small gardens. They can usually be found at one of the locally owned nurseries in the area.

Garden Note: Spring is Nature’s way of saying “let’s party!”