Albert Smith and his co-owners are not new to their location at 1035 S. Presa St.  In 2008, they opened Bubblehead there and subsequently sold it.  When Albert and his wife, Sara Smith, along with Urban Pradipasena and his wife, Kristine Vu, learned that the location was again available, they were eager to open a Thai restaurant.  

BAAN means home or village in Thai, and ESAAN refers to the northeast region of Thailand.  It is different from the Thai food that I have tried up to now.  You eat the spicy cuisine with the awesome sticky rice that is served with each entree.  

Since they opened in May, many former students from Brackenridge H.S. have stopped in to say “Hi!”  They had gotten to know the owners from frequenting Bubblehead in the past.  Albert was delighted to meet these friends again, many who have gone on to college and other pursuits.  Stop in and welcome them back to the neighborhood.  Be sure to try some fresh, chilled coconut juice served right in the coconut.  It is both tasty and good for you.

- Nora Peterson