In the November 1944 edition of The Vegan News - which coined the term “vegan” itself - animal rights advocate Donald Watson wrote, “we agree that to eliminate all dairy produce creates personal difficulties which vary in magnitude from one individual to another.” Regardless of the personal difficulty you see in giving up meat or dairy products, we highly recommend the vegan fare at Señor Veggie on S. Presa St.

While we try to limit meat in our diet, your reviewers appreciate good Texas barbeque and the occasional cheeseburger. We also appreciate any type of good food, and Señor Veggie does their vegetables and braised wheat glutens proud. Señor Veggie is not just good for a vegan restaurant, but really has become a good, sanely-priced restaurant - something that we desperately need in the greater Southtown area when the fridge runs low on a Wednesday night.

On our most recent trip, we started with the hummus appetizer. The hummus was smooth and flavorful, although the pita was not as warm and seasoned as on a previous visit. This was the only inconsistency we noted, which is something we cannot say for that other meat-free restaurant near downtown. The veggie street tacos shine, with jackfruit cleverly filling in for meat, and a generous slaw and cashew crema tying the thing together in a fish-taco-esque kind of way. The barbacoa crispy tacos dish looked like it could pass in a dive taqueria anywhere in San Antonio. With wheat gluten chunks serving as barbacoa, the tacos don’t quite pass as the “real” deal, but that’s not what you’re there for anyway. They are mighty flavorful and were accompanied with a knock-out Spanish rice and a standard Tex-Mex lettuce/tomato salad. We finished with a strawberry-chocolate cupcake from the always-tempting dessert case. This could pass as non-vegan, but we wouldn’t want it to. Vegan desserts are better.

From previous trips, we also recommend the SV Burger (or really any of the sandwiches), the Azteca Bowl and the Samosa Plate. SV doesn’t mess around on portions. We often take home leftovers for lunch the next day, and, though they have disposable to-go containers, we suggest sticking to the environmentally-conscious mission of the place and bringing your own.

The restaurant’s space isn’t much to remark on, though it’s bright, with good artwork and a patio. The ceiling fans running below track lighting created a strobe light effect, which we avoided by switching tables. Occasional live music offerings add to the experience without overwhelming.

It’s hard to believe Señor Veggie has been open on S. Presa for just over a year, and we are glad to see them continue to deliver quality food. Vegan or not, no matter your personal thoughts on eating a cheese-less meal, Senor Veggie serves up meals that will satisfy all.

- Kristen Krenz and Patrick Steck