The King William Association (KWA) Charter was submitted to the State of Texas on July 28, 1967.  The purpose of a charter is to proclaim an organization’s purpose and intent.  The purpose and intent of an organization are accomplished through goals.  

According to the November 1967 KWA newsletter, the newly-formed organization had eight goals:

  1. Beautify the King William Park
  2. Beautify the River
  3. Beautify Public Areas   
  4. Beautify Private Property
  5. Make King William Area an Historical District
  6. Attract Tourists to the Area
  7. Reward Property Owners for the Beautification and Restoration of Their Property
  8. Establish a King William Association Community Center, Museum and Library

The founding members immediately went to work on accomplishing their goals by setting up committees and creating fundraiser activities.  That December, President Ray Dobie opened up his home, 316 King William, for a $1 per person admission charge.  The proceeds were to “pay for the installation of an underground sprinkler system” in the King William Park.  Approximately one-third of the money needed was raised from their home tour, and the board voted to establish a Park Fund to raise the remaining amount needed. According to the January 25, 1968 newsletter, KWA joined the Fiesta San Antonio Commission and the initial plans for the King William Fair were created with the Fair to be held during Fiesta Week 1968. 

According to our newsletters, in addition to fundraising activities the KWA “petitioned the City Council for a public hearing” for Historical Zoning.  Historic designation was granted and the city established a “Review Board for Historic Districts.” 

The combination of historic designation plus establishing fundraising activities provided both the framework and revenue sources needed to establish the King William Association and ensure its future success.

- Cherise Bell