Did you know that the King William area is a combination of different subdivision plats? A plat is a map, surveyed, drawn to scale, showing a division of land into blocks, lots, streets and sometimes alleys. The plat is then “recorded” with the County so the land may be sold or developed. One plat in the King William area is labeled “The Spring Addition” and recorded in the Bexar County Plat Book 105 Page 73, dated September 22, 1905.

The interesting thing about the Spring Plat is that information such as the property owner is written on some of the lots. The first owner may or may not have commissioned a house to be built on their lot. Having a plat year, plus an owner’s name, is a great place to start researching your house.

Spring Addition Plat shows the name “Herwick.” Going to www.bexar.org county clerk court records using the name Herwick with the year 1905, one is able to find Deed Record Book 229 page 174 which states that R.E. Herwick purchased lot 7 for $350 from Kate L. Spring and her husband John Spring. The deed records use the legal address for the property so make sure to have that information handy so you know you are researching the right property.

Do you know your property’s legal address? Go to www.bcad.org and type in your name and address. Take for example the Herwick lot: today’s street address is 423 Cedar Street, the legal address is NCB (New City Block) 2968, Block 3, Lot 7.

Research is like putting a puzzle together. Plats provide information on the development of the area one is researching.

- Cherise Bell