The King William Association Charter, asserting the organization’s purpose and intent, was submitted to the State of Texas on July 28, 1967. Seven purposes are listed in the KWA Charter; this article concerns the third.

3. The corporation shall systematically collect and preserve articles, documents, pictures, books, tools of agriculture, art, home furnishings, and other items representing the heritage and culture of home life, education, religion, government, and work (industry) in order to preserve same and make them available for study and use by writers and others and viewing by the general public. In this regard, special attention shall be devoted to the Pioneer-Residents of the King William Area.

This is perhaps the most ambitious purpose proposed by the founders because the intent appears to establish a museum and research library. Collection and maintenance of historical items is costly. Currently the San Antonio Conservation Society has a research library with access to City Directories, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps and architect biographies, plus a librarian to maintain the collection and assist in research.

One way KWA does fulfill this purpose is to collect history and stories about “Pioneer-Residents” and individuals and families who reside in our neighborhood. Do you have a history about your house or photos you would like to share in the Newsletter? Let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our Executive Director, Cherise Bell at 227-8786.

- Cherise Bell