The King William Association Charter, asserting the organization’s purpose and intent, was submitted to the State of Texas on July 28, 1967. Seven purposes are listed in the KWA Charter; this article concerns the first:

1. The corporation is organized and shall be operated for educational, recreational, and cultural purposes, especially the presentation and dissemination of understanding of the early life and cultures of the city of San Antonio, TX, and the Southwest as reflected in home life, government, religion, education, industry (work), and the arts and crafts.

Through the years, KWA Board members have volunteered their time to develop programs to accomplish the seven purposes of the Charter. This is not always an easy task. Terms such as “cultural” and “education” and “early life” are left open to interpretation. Then there is the task of determining how a program will physically function and how many volunteers are needed to manage the program. Often Board decisions are not unanimous, but the majority vote defines the action to be taken. If you have not read the Charter, refer to your Membership Directory or the KWA website.

The Board will be reviewing the Charter to build consensus on definitions, then determining which current programs meet the Charter and if any new programs are needed to better fulfill the intent and purposes established by the King William Association founders. If you have any programs or ideas you think match the seven purposes of the Charter, please let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 227-8786.