A Rehabber project is coming to King William! The SA Preservation Rehabber Club and the King William Association are partnering on June 23 and 24 to raise the architectural integrity of neighborhood homes by removing asbestos siding to reveal and repair the wood siding underneath.

Integrity, as defined by The National Park Service, is “the authenticity of a property's historic identity, evidenced by the survival of physical characteristics…” Seven qualities are considered when evaluating integrity, materials is one. 

The King William Historic District is made up of structures that feature various levels of integrity. Structures that hold high levels of integrity may feature original materials like wood windows, wood siding, and architectural elements such as porch columns and other decorative elements. Mismatched or inappropriate exterior modifications can occur over time and can lower the integrity level. For example, removing original wood windows, original porch columns, and installation of asbestos or vinyl siding over original wood siding typically lower integrity. This project will show that modifications can be reversed and the integrity level can be reestablished.

The project will use recommended methods and best practices to remove and properly dispose of the asbestos material as well as repair the original wood siding. The work will be documented to create informational videos showing these best practices. We hope that by sharing the “step by step” of restoring original siding materials, property owners will feel confident to try it on their homes! 

For more information on the project and other Rehabber Club activities visit www.sapreservation.com.

- Kathy Rodriguez
Assoc. AIA, Deputy Historic Preservation Officer City of San Antonio