Want to work on your house but do not know how to get started?  

COSA’s Office of Historic Preservation has a brochure titled “I want to work on my historic building or my property within a local historic district.  What do I do?”  You can obtain a copy from the King William Association office or online at www.sanantonio.gov/portals/0/Files/HistoricPreservation/App_process-9-2010.pdf 

Basically, if you are doing a project on your house you must get a permit.  Since we live in a historic district, before you get a permit you must have a “Certificate of Appropriateness” from the Office of Historic Preservation.  The brochure explains the difference between an “Administrative Certificate” and the “Historic and Design Review” process. 

Additionally, you can contact the KWA office and speak with me, and/or set up a meeting with the KWA Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC), which has two registered architects among its volunteers.  We are here to help you get through the process successfully.  

- Cherise Bell