The City of San Antonio preserves its unique cultural heritage by setting aside certain areas as historic districts. The King William Historic District is one of those areas. By ordinance, every resident or business within an historic district must have approval from the San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation before any construction, renovation, or alteration of a property occurs. This includes painting, landscaping (tree removal too!), fences and signs. While simple repairs may be approved administratively by OHP, many projects require review by the Historic and Design Review Committee (HDRC), an advisory commission appointed by City elected officials. OHP/HDRC approval is a mandatory first step in obtaining City building permits.

The KWA established the Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC) in 2007 for two purposes: to assist homeowners, residents and businesses by reviewing individual projects before presenting their application to the HDRC, and to provide citizen input on applications pending HDRC review. AAC members are appointed by the KWA president, and include neighbors with experience in architecture, design or art history as well as board representatives. The AAC is available to provide guidance in avoiding unnecessary delays in the historic review process, to share its members’ combined experience with similar projects, and to offer tips on how to proceed on a project.

The AAC will review your project with you before you submit it for review. We recommend that you bring as much visual information about the project as possible, including photos of the site, plans, sketches, elevations, perspectives and whatever is applicable to determining its visual implications on the neighborhood.

The AAC also wishes to share its collective knowledge concerning the architectural integrity of King William. Our goal is to guide, educate and enhance the understanding of residents and businesses about best practices for adapting our rich historic fabric to modern use.

The AAC meets at 6:30 p.m. on the Mondays prior to HDRC meetings (usually the first and third weeks of each month). Contact the KWA office to schedule an appointment.

For more information about the historic review process, visit

- Jack Kent, Jr.