In 2014, KWA staff contacted the City’s office of Transportation and Capital Improvements to discuss how to get the streets repaired in the “Fair Zone” so that they would be in excellent shape for the 50th Fair.  Staff met with City representatives several times to discuss the issues.  

In 2015, staff again met with City representatives and drove around King William streets with them to discuss drainage and road conditions.  The city agreed that the streets needed to be fixed.  A formal letter was written and the KWA president met with Councilman Treviño to present the facts regarding the condition of the streets, drainage issues, that it has been decades since the streets were repaired; additionally, King William is a highly visited tourist destination, and the condition of our streets should be improved to reflect that.  

As a result of these meetings, the “Fair Zone” streets have been included on the city’s “IMP” list to be repaired starting this fall and next year, plus Guenther, Adams and Pereida Streets.  In 2020, Crofton, Claudia and part of Cedar Streets also have rehabilitation scheduled.

Staff also met with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and agreed to have a Walkable Community workshop, scheduled for January 2018. 

According to the MPO: “The program recognizes the need to plan for everyone and all modes of travel, whether young or old, motorist or bicyclist, walker or wheelchair user or transit rider.  Goals of our Walkable Community Program are to: 

  1. Educate residents and public officials on the advantages of walking and bicycling as viable modes of transportation.
  2. Help the community identify infrastructure improvements that will encourage walking and cycling.
  3. Serve as a two-way communication forum between the community, the MPO and its transportation partners, Greater Bexar County Council of Cities, other municipalities and local residents.” 

Planning and meetings are the first steps toward project completion.  We hope many residents will attend this meeting to make sure all concerns are addressed. 

- Cherise Bell


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