In October 2014, the King William Association and Lavaca Neighborhood Association created an ad hoc joint committee to secure a parking needs assessment from the City that would support solutions to our traffic-related problems.  These problems included, among other things, decreased visibility at intersections, blocked driveways and impaired first responder access.  Both KWA and LNA conducted surveys, held meetings and engaged in social media discussions.  Transportation issues were regularly addressed in the KWA newsletter while City staff worked with its outside engineering consultant to secure a study and recommendations.

On November 10 and 17, 2016, the City and its consultant held meetings to announce a new parking permit program that could be used in areas adjacent to downtown, including King William and Lavaca.  This new program was proposed to replace the special event permit program currently used in portions of Lavaca and perhaps the residential parking program on Arsenal Street.  At these meetings, Jim Mery, Deputy Director of the City’s Center City Development Office, stressed that “nothing is set in stone.”  The initial ideas for this plan are in the City’s presentation, which can be found on the homepage of KWA’s website ( 

The City heard many concerns raised by the neighbors, and is revising details of the plan based on the feedback from the November public meetings.  We anticipate there will be more public meetings in the coming months and appreciate everyone’s participation.  There is currently no implementation schedule, and while the eventual plan will require city council approval, there is no date set for that review. 

- Rose Kanusky, Transportation & Parking Committee

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