VIA Metropolitan Transit enjoys working with the King William Association to provide efficient and safe public transportation services to the King William District. It is one of many close relationships we maintain with various public and private organizations to provide top quality services as we work hard to serve our 13-city service region.

With this relationship in mind, we’d like to address some of the concerns the article “The Little Street That Couldn’t” highlighted in the July 2015 edition of the KWA Newsletter. The article stated that VIA relocated Route 46/Commercial onto W. Sheridan St. without informing the City of San Antonio, and it implied that the route could be moved again in the near future. We felt it important to let your readers know this is not the case.

The rerouting of Route 46 to travel down the short stretch of Sheridan came about as a result of the City of San Antonio’s decision to close a portion of S. Main Avenue. Route 46 was moved to S. Flores Street to bypass the closed section of Main, and the route uses Sheridan to get back to Main as soon as possible to continue providing bus service through the King William District.

The decision to use Sheridan was made in discussion and consultation with the City of San Antonio’s Center City Development Office and the Transportation and Capital Improvements (TCI) Department. Additionally, TCI made some improvements and added signage to facilitate this change to Route 46.

In addition to the services Route 46 provides, VIA has been operating the Blue Circulator Route on Sheridan for many years. In fact, this service is merely supplemented by Route 46. There are no current plans to alter the service on Sheridan.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with the King William Association on public transportation solutions. We appreciate our close working relationship and look forward to continuing to provide travel options for residents across the greater San Antonio area.

- Jeff Arndt, President/CEO, VIA

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