The King William Association (KWA) was founded in 1967 as a voluntary neighborhood group designed to address urban and neighborhood issues, communicate ideas to city officials, and provide information to residents and visitors.Our members include property owners and renters, as well as neighborhood businesses and institutions. KWA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the active membership in September of each year.

The King William neighborhood is rich in history and cultural diversity. The area includes two local historic districts and three national historic districts, as well as properties individually recognized for their historical significance. The neighborhood offers bed and breakfasts, art galleries, restaurants, and a thriving commercial corridor. The KWA area is bordered by the Blue Star Arts Complex and its sister neighborhood, Lavaca.

KWA neighbors represent all walks of life. Living in an urban village, especially one of homes for which maintenance is a labor of love, tends to bring neighbors close together. As a long-time resident explains, "It is a neighborhood where a person is identified not by what he does, but by his house. After all, these houses were here when we came, and they'll be here when we leave."

The King William Historic District is located just south of downtown San Antonio, about 1 mile from the Alamo, on the Mission Trail Corridor. Street boundaries are E. César Estrada Chávez (formerly Durango), S. Flores, S. Alamo, Eagleland and S. Presa. The King William Association office is located in the heart of the neighborhood at 122 Madison, San Antonio, TX 78204.

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The mission of the King William Association is to preserve and maintain the residential nature and support preservation of historic structures of the King William Neighborhood and the diversity of its people, to intercede on behalf of the neighborhood on issues affecting the community by all civic avenues available including advocating for residential status with the city; and to improve quality of life by building community and promoting educational, cultural and recreational pursuits and activities.    (approved 6/3/09)            

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KWA Board 2016-2017


VICE PRESIDENT-Gretchen Garceau-Kragh
TREASURER-Christine Viña
SECRETARY-Ethel Pedraza


Shawn Campbell
Patricia Garcia Duarte
Shelley Galbraith
Erich Landry
Monika Maeckle
Connie Martinez
Betsy Schultz
Amanda Strickland
Bradley Toland


The King William Association was established in 1967 as a non-profit corporation. Read the King William Association CHARTER to see the purposes and intent of the founding members. In 1967, the King William area was not yet a historic district and one of the newly created association’s goal was “To Make King William Area an Historical District”.

The King William Association may be the only neighborhood association in the entire state with three historic districts within its boundaries, including the state’s oldest district created by city ordinance and three districts recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. All three districts are equally protected by city ordinances and share a common theme of historical and cultural importance.

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