At the May KWA Board Meeting, President Harry Shafer, following the KWA by-laws, appointed board members Bradley Toland and Gary Woods to the Nominating Committee, with Bradley as Chair.  At the June General Membership Meeting, KWA members name Susan Athene, Roselyn Cogburn and Mary Esther Escobedo were elected by members to also serve on that committee.

The following are slated for the 2015-2016 KWA Board: Harry Shafer continuing as President, Anne Alexander, Patrick Conroy, Cyndee Conrad, Beth Davis, Patricia Duarte, Josephine Botello Garza, Annice Hill, Curtis Johnson, Charlotte Luongo, Phil Parsons, Ethel Pedraza, Jessie Simpson, Bradley Toland, Christine Vina and Gary Woods. 

 Election of the Board will take place at the September 2, 2015 General Membership Meeting.