KWA Board 2018-2019


PRESIDENT - John Doski
VICE PRESIDENT - Shelley Galbraith
TREASURER - Milton Naumann
SECRETARY - Shawn Campbell
PARLIAMENTARIAN - Gretchen Garceau-Kragh


Amanda Strickland
Brad Shaw
Juan Fernandez
Rose Kanusky
Erich Landry
Margaret Leeds
Chris Price
Connie Martinez
Nathan Morey
Robin Raquet
JR Rust


At the May KWA Board meeting, as per the bylaws on nominating new board members, Harry Shafter appointed Patricia Duarte and Bradley Toland, Chair.  At the June general membership meeting, the following members were nominated from the floor to be on the committee: Mary Ann Ohlenbusch, Nancy Price and Marita Emmett. 

If you are an active, dues paid member, you may be getting a call from one of the nominating committee members, as six board positions are open.  Board members serve one-year terms, up to three consecutive years. 

Serving as a board member is an excellent way to get to know neighbors, learn about the many activities and changes occurring in King William, and be an advocate for our neighborhood.

Josephine Botello Garcia

Josie is a native San Antonian and third generation resident of the King William neighborhood. Her grandmother purchased the original family home in the early 1940s, and her father, Marco Botello, was a charter member of the King William Association. Josie is the eldest of six and she and four of her siblings reside in the neighborhood, within a block of each other.

Josie has been in banking all her career, spending 18 years at Bank of America and its predecessors, working in the international, professional and executive and treasury departments. In 2001 she joined Sterling Bank, working in the commercial lending area. Currently she is a lending assistant with BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust Co.), the second employee hired in San Antonio by this corporation, new to our market.

Josie enjoys getting together with her family and friends at the drop of a hat – loves to travel, is passionate about traditional Mexican food and culture and is a dedicated supporter of local establishments and events. Josie would love to see the charm of King William to remain constant, and would like to focus on continuing to make this a great place to live and the envy of the rest of our city. Last, but not least, Josie says, “GO SPURS GO!”

At the May KWA Board Meeting, President Harry Shafer, following the KWA by-laws, appointed board members Bradley Toland and Gary Woods to the Nominating Committee, with Bradley as Chair.  At the June General Membership Meeting, KWA members name Susan Athene, Roselyn Cogburn and Mary Esther Escobedo were elected by members to also serve on that committee.

The following are slated for the 2015-2016 KWA Board: Harry Shafer continuing as President, Anne Alexander, Patrick Conroy, Cyndee Conrad, Beth Davis, Patricia Duarte, Josephine Botello Garza, Annice Hill, Curtis Johnson, Charlotte Luongo, Phil Parsons, Ethel Pedraza, Jessie Simpson, Bradley Toland, Christine Vina and Gary Woods. 

 Election of the Board will take place at the September 2, 2015 General Membership Meeting. 

The following slate of nominees to serve on the KWA Board of Directors for 2014-2015 was announced at the general meeting on August 6.

Many thanks to the volunteers who served on the Nominating Committee: Chris Price, chair, Ethel Pedraza, Gloria Arecchi, Rusty Guyer and José De Lara.

Voting will take place at the General Membership meeting on September 3.

BETH DAVIS moved to King William in 2008. Beth and her husband Rich are long time residents of San Antonio. They arrived in 1976, completed their military service and found a home here. Their daughter Ann was born in 1980 and currently lives in Lavaca.

Beth has served on the King William Board of Directors since Sep 2011. She served as Treasurer for 16 months until demands from her Air Force job grew beyond the confines of the business day. In addition to being a Board member, Beth also is the Grant Program coordinator, a program she re-structured when she was Treasurer. Beth will have 37 years with the Air Force in December and is looking forward to retirement in 2013.

Beth and Rich live on Wickes Street.