The King William Association (KWA) was founded in 1967 as a voluntary neighborhood group designed to address urban and neighborhood issues, communicate ideas to city officials, and provide information to residents and visitors.Our members include property owners and renters, as well as neighborhood businesses and institutions. KWA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the active membership in September of each year.

The King William neighborhood is rich in history and cultural diversity. The area includes two local historic districts and three national historic districts, as well as properties individually recognized for their historical significance. The neighborhood offers bed and breakfasts, art galleries, restaurants, and a thriving commercial corridor. The KWA area is bordered by the Blue Star Arts Complex and its sister neighborhood, Lavaca.

KWA neighbors represent all walks of life. Living in an urban village, especially one of homes for which maintenance is a labor of love, tends to bring neighbors close together. As a long-time resident explains, "It is a neighborhood where a person is identified not by what he does, but by his house. After all, these houses were here when we came, and they'll be here when we leave."

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